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Institution of Civil Engineers
26 November 2021

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To register and start your entry, please use the button below. If you have previously started, please login on the right-hand side.

We would advise completing your entry in Word or a similar programme first before copying and pasting into the entry form.

When you are completing your entry please remember to save every few minutes using the “Save” button to ensure you do not lose any of your information in case the website times out. You are also able to begin your entry and then save it to complete later.

If you need help with your entry or require any clarification, please contact Amelia Knowles on 0203 953 2841 or email amelia.knowles@emap.com.  

The entry deadline for the NCE Graduate and Apprentice Awards is Friday 20 August 2021 

The winners will be announced at ICE - Institution of Civil Engineers  on 26 November 2021

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